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The Range

Our ultra-slim and innovative SoundFrame 'picture' speakers make it easy to integrate high quality sound with any interior. With easy-to-install on-wall and in-wall options, pivoting drivers for the ideal audio balance, and a wide range of grille colours, images and custom grille designs, the SoundFrame range provides the elusive blend of superior sound and décor that all style-conscious home entertainment lovers seek.

The beauty of SoundFrame is that in preserving the wide dynamic range of the music, living space is similarly respected. At just 3.5" deep and fitted flush to the wall - or within it - the SoundFrame on-wall and in-wall speakers create the slimmest backline in the world. And we've custom designed the SoundFrame systems to play loud and proud. On-wall and in-wall versions of the three models (SF1, SF2 and the even more discreet SF3) incorporate pivoting C-CAM® drivers developed for our range-topping in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. With play in all directions each can be directed toward the listening position for detailed sound and accurate imaging. Naturally punchy and rhythmic mid-bass frequencies are reproduced by a further single bass driver.

To complete a perfect picture, the SoundFrame designs are easy to install. Keyhole fixings for on-wall and pre-fix corner brackets for the in-wall models make the process routine and for a brilliant wire-free look, the connecting cable runs in the wall cavity, enters from the back and is connected at the front. Completing the installation, a gloss white, gloss black or paintable grille frame clips into place.

The SoundFrame models will combine in any way and in any number to generate brilliant multi-channel music and film sound, surpassing the quality of many conventional box systems without the cost to living space and décor. And because they share Monitor Audio's world-renowned driver technologies, they'll dovetail acoustically with other Monitor Audio loudspeakers for the precise audio result. The path to perfect high fidelity music and film sound solutions for the home begins right here.


  • Inverted Dual Concentric (IDC®) 4-inch mid-range/1-inch tweeter module
  • 6.5-inch C-CAM® bass driver
  • Advanced RST® cone technology
  • High frequency switches on both on-wall and in-wall models will raise or lower levels by 3dB.
  • Ultra-slim on-wall profile
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Perfect integration with all Monitor Audio loudspeaker ranges
  • Directable sound via our proprietary IDC module
  • Through-hole front terminal connection
  • Option to mount ‘in-wall’ for an even slimmer profile
  • A choice of high gloss black, high gloss white or paintable grille frame provides a seamless blend with any interior
  • What would you like your sound to look like? Select one of our library "Art Grill" images or provide our print shop with a high resolution image of your choice, be it a family photograph or an image from an online gallery. The choice is as infinite as your imagination!  Click here for details

Frame Finishes

  • High Gloss Black LacquerHigh Gloss Black Lacquer
  • High Gloss White LacquerHigh Gloss White Lacquer
  • Primed Finish (Paintable)Primed Finish (Paintable)

Please note: All finishes may not be available on all products in the range.